I. Booking and deposit

The signed rental contract must be returned within 72 hours.

All payments must be made by bank transfer to the bank account indicated on the contract. All bank charges remaining at the expenses of the tenant.

The deposit to be paid on booking is 30% of the total amount including tax of the stay.

We do not accept reservations for persons under 18 years of age. The signature of the contract implies the knowledge and acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Due to the delay in transmitting a bank order and in order to be able to keep the reservation option until reception of the funds on the account, the tenant will be asked to send by e-mail a copy of the transfer order and rental contract within 72 hours.

II. Price

No dispute concerning the price of the stay can be taken into account after the signature of the contract. It is up to the tenant to assess before the signature whether the price is suitable for him. The following charges are not included in the price of the rental: any optional paid options subscribed by the tenant. Additional charges must be paid to the owner or his representative at the end of the stay.

III. Balance

The balance must be paid to the owner 30 days before the arrival date. We do not accept payment of the balance on arrival. In case of non respect of this delay, your rental can be canceled of right without notice. For last-minute bookings, payment must be made at the same time as the contract signature.

IV. Animals

Pets are not accepted. In the event of non-compliance with this clause, the owner is entitled to refuse the access of the animal (s) to his property. As the tenant has been informed of the contract, he can not under any circumstances contest this clause and will take at his own expense the accommodation of his animal with a specialized organization.

V. Cancellation

The tenant can cancel his rental at any time. However, we draw your attention to the consequences of the cancellation of an individual property lease: It involves the collection of variable costs depending on the date on which it takes place. The following schedule applies: if You cancel more than 90 days before your arrival in the premises, the cancellation fee will be 30% of the amount of your rental; if you cancel between 90 and 30 days before you enter the premises, the cancellation fee will be 60% of the amount of your rental; you cancel less than 30 days before you enter the premises, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the amount of your rental. Whatever the reasons for cancellation are, the tenant must notify the owner by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, the date of receipt of this notice determining the scale to be applied. The tenant who has not notified the owner would be required to pay the full balance. If a case of ‘force majeure’ led to the destruction of the house or the impossibility of making the house available, all the sums paid would be reimbursed to the tenant, without the possibility of subsequent reimbursements. In the event of cancellation at the initiative of the owner, the latter reimburses 150% of the sums collected. Any interrupted or abridged stay, or any service not consumed, does not give rise to any refund. Even in case of repatriation, it is the tenant’s responsibility to take out appropriate insurance.

VI. insurance

We ask you to check that you have a multi-risk insurance and to send us a certificate at least 30 days before the entrance to the premises. Failure to comply with this clause will result in the cancellation of the rent to the tenant (see cancellation section).

VII. Deposit

For all furnished rentals a security deposit is required. The amount is 25% of the total amount of the stay. This deposit can be sent to the owner with the balance, or paid on the day of arrival. In the event of default, we will not be able to accept
your entry into the premises. It is not cashed, except in case of non-payment of the expenses and possible damages. It will be returned within 15 days of the end of the rental period. The tenant agrees to use the rented premises with care. The tenant will assume, in addition to the rental costs, any damage caused at home, as well as the cost of replacing any lost, destroyed or deteriorated object. The tenant is liable for any damage that he or the persons accompanying him may cause intentionally or negligently.

VIII. Arrival and departure

The owner or his representative receives the tenants for the arrival formalities. As a general rule, the arrival appointment will be on Saturday afternoon between 5 pm and 7 pm, unless otherwise stated, at the address of the rental. The tenant must inform the owner of the approximate time of arrival. This notice is imperative if the arrival does not take place on the date stipulated in the contract.

In exceptional cases of late arrival, after 22:00 we can no longer guarantee your welcome and we ask you to plan your accommodation and to call us to schedule an arrival appointment the following day. In no case can the owner be held responsible for your delay, nor bear the expenses incurred for your accommodation and meals if you could not present during the scheduled hours of reception. If the tenant does not show up at the appointed appointment and has not informed the person in charge of the reception of his absence, he will lose all rights to the rental. In this case, the owner can immediately re-rent under the best conditions.

Departures must be between 8 am and 10 am, unless otherwise stipulated. We insist on the respect of the hour agreed: the cleaning staff intervening from 10 hours on very short deadlines, we ask you to facilitate them, as we asked the tenants who preceded you.

Since this lease was granted only on a seasonal basis, the tenant agrees to leave the premises on the date and time stipulated in the contract, the tenant does not have the right to sublet.

IX. Gear & Supplies 

Your hiring has kitchen equipment, crockery, furniture and bedding. The quantity of this equipment is related to the number of persons stipulated in the contract (the garden furniture and pool chairs are not necessarily the same
number of people authorized to access the rental). Unless stipulated otherwise, the sheets as well as the linen (towels, etc …) are not provided. Toilet gloves and towels are never provided.

The premises will be handed over to the tenant in a perfect state of cleanliness and the machines in working order. The lessee must absolutely refrain from throwing into the sinks, washbasins, bathtubs, toilets, clogging objects and detergent products which could deteriorate the installations and in particular the septic tanks, failing which he would be liable for the expenses incurred for the rehabilitation of these installations (for information, the emptying of a septic tank is of the order of 500 Euros). Before leaving, the tenant must return all the pieces of the furniture to the place where they were on arrival.

X. Swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi

The swimming pool and the Jacuzzi can not be emptied without the consent of the owner, the tenant never having to intervene personally in the machinery of the swimming pool, the jacuzzi or the sauna. The owner undertakes to have a safety system that meets the
legislation. However, it is the tenant’s responsibility to take all necessary precautions for the use of the swimming pool, the jacuzzi or the sauna, especially if he stays with young children and must be supervised. The tenant acknowledges that the owner is fully liable in the event of an accident occurring to himself, his family or his guests. In case of disagreement with this clause, the owner asks you not to rent this house.

The use of this equipment is subjected to usual hygiene rules without the respect of which the quality can not be guaranteed by the owner, for the comfort and the pleasure of the tenant, respect the.

XI. Obligations of Tenant

The tenant must act as a ‘responsible father’ and ensure the proper maintenance of the premises. Exceptional events (receptions, etc.) which result in a significant increase (more than 25%) in the number of people accommodated on the property remain subject to the prior written consent of the owner. the premises must be returned in a normal state of cleanliness on departure (washing and storing of the dishes carried out, sheets and towels gathered, barbecues, plancha and cleaned utensils, washed floors, garbage removed …). A cleaning service of departure is included in the price of the hiring, this corresponds to a fixed re-order. The provision of this benefit is therefore included for a dwelling that is left in a normal state of rental use. We reserve the right to invoice and deduct from the deposit the overtime of housework caused by a clearly abusive situation on this point.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the owner, the number of beds provided for in the contract can not be exceeded and the supply of additional beds is not allowed. Similarly, it is forbidden to erect tents in the garden or to park caravans there. In the event of a breach of these rules, the owner may terminate the rental and apply a proportional compensation (in this case it will be charged against the security deposit). It is strictly forbidden to light an outside fire, except in the barbecues provided for this purpose. It is also strictly forbidden to smoke inside the premises, whatever they may be. The practice of smoking outdoors must be carried out with the utmost caution and by collecting waste such as cigarette butts.

XII. Nuisances

The owner can not be held liable for irregularities and / or lack of enjoyment that can occur in the services of electricity, telephone, internet, water etc … and declines all responsibility for lack of jouissance does not arising from its fact.

XIII. Claims

Any claims or complaints concerning the leased property must be made within 72 hours following the entry into the premises by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, to be addressed to SCI AUTAN 20 Boulevard de la République 92210 SAINT CLOUD. After this period, the claims can not be taken into consideration. In case of dispute, the Tribunal of NANTERRE has sole competence.

XIV. Photos, Videos & Medias

Photos and videos of the property may not be used or sold without the written consent of the owner.